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Kingstonian 1
Kayani (92')
4 Horsham
Daniel (14', 37', 43'), Ajakaiye (53')

Horsham match report

transcribed by Michael Cox

Lineker: Good evening, and welcome to Match of the Day - tonight, with a non-league flavour! I’m joined by Wallsend Boys Club legend Alan Shearer, and former Greenwich Borough striker Ian Wright. <giggling>

First, we’re at Imperial Fields, where relegation-threatened Kingstonian take on Horsham, still in the hunt for the play-offs. Your commentator is Jonathan Pearce.

Pearce: After a week of snow and sleet comes the sunshine over south London. Kingstonian, battered and bruised after a midweek defeat at Hornchurch, host a Horsham side forced to wait for a pitch inspection this morning, before setting off up the A24.

Kingstonian hand a second debut to Tom Collins, who had a spell here under Leigh Dynan. The visitors include former Ks quartet Jack Strange, Tom Richards, Daniel Ajakaiye and Kadell Daniel.

(10min) …Kingstonian looking purposeful in attack in the early stages, and here’s a ball in behind for McAllister, but the flag’s up. Won’t count, won’t count. A lovely dinked finish, scooped finish, but he went too early. Could he have left it for Collins, running from deep…?

(12min) …and a nice ball over the top for Collins! But into the sidenetting. A typical Tom Collins attempt, volleyed with the inside of his foot, always going for precision rather than power, but the angle was against him.

(14min) …Horsham yet to really impose themselves on the game, but here’s Daniel coming deep to collect the ball, driving forward towards the box, has a go…it’s in! Well…Rob Tolfrey looks down at the turf…it’s a bizarre opener, against the run of play. It seemed a tame effort, but it suddenly reared up off the pitch, and Horsham have the lead.

(37min) …Horsham have really grown into the game since going ahead, and again it’s Daniel finding space on the edge….and it’s two! A cleaner strike this time. Daniel, the Guyana international, back at his old club, with both goals here.

(43min) …Richards, looking menacing down the left, takes on his man…that’s lovely…cut-back to Daniel, could it be the hattrick…? It is! Kadell Daniel’s first ever hattrick has taken this game away from Kingstonian before half-time. Three shots, three goals for Horsham, and this is surely game over.

(53min) …that Kingstonian move comes to nothing, and Horsham can counter-attack here. Richards, once again, dribbling down the left, a low ball inside for Ajakaiye! Swept home for number four! Horsham are going back to Sussex with all three points.

(62min)…played in for Ajakaiye, looking for his second goal…foiled by Tolfrey…and now Daniel! Well, did it cross the line? Horsham are pleading for the goal! No goalline technology in the Isthmian Premier League - and that’s no bad thing - and it stays at 4-0.

(92mins) …Kingstonian looking for a consolation here, and here’s Kayani…who slides it home. Well, he’s back to Slough after this one, but a nice way to bow out for a really talented young player. 4-1.

Lineker: No goals for him today, Alan, but you liked the look of Tom Collins.

Shearer: He didn’t get his goal today, but he did all the right things. They’ve needed someone like him, someone who can find space, link play, offer a goal threat. You look at his movement here - the midfielder gets the ball and Collins is on the shoulder, he wants the pass. He makes a run to the near post, and then he goes to the far. That’s the secret - one run for the defender, another run for yourself. The ball doesn’t come, but that’s where you get your goals, that second six-yard box, keep attacking that, and you’ll get your reward. The fans know that - they remember him from last time, and they like him.

Lineker: “Certainly do. And Kingstonian, still not out of trouble….?”

Shearer: “Need to stop conceding goals, but they should be fine.”

Wright: “Should be fine.”

Lineker: “Good stuff.”

Kingstonian: Rob Tolfrey, Michael Abnett, Harun Hamid, Lee Lewis, Matt Drage, Danny Dudley, Benj Purcell, Keane Anderson, Tom Collins, Alex MacAllister, Imran Kayani.

Subs: Darnell Goather-Braithwaite, Jacob Bancroft (for Benj Purcell, HT), Sean Bonnett-Johnson (for Keane Anderson, 74m), Dwight Pascal, Charlie Greenwood (for Harun Hamid, HT)

Horsham: Taylor Seymour, Bobby Price, Tom Day, Harvey Sparks, Doug Tuck, Jack Brivio, Jack Strange, Lee Harding, Charlie Hester-Cook, Daniel Ajakaiye, Kadell Daniel, Tom Richards.

Subs: Alex Malins, Tom Kavanagh (for Kadell Daniel, 76m), Eddie Dsane, Tom Day (for Bobby Price, 57m), Lucas Rodrigues (for Harvey Sparks, 67m).

Goal scorers: Kadell Daniel (14m, 0-1), Kadell Daniel (37m, 0-2), Kadell Daniel (43m, 0-3), Daniel Ajakaiye (53m, 0-4), Imran Kayani (90m+2, 1-4)

Attendance: 243

Published Thursday 16th March 2023 (last updated Monday 20th March 2023)