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Kingstonian 0
1 Leiston
Heath (82')

Lacklustre K’s Defeated by Leiston

What’s the most disappointing way to spend two hours? An awkward first date? Stoke versus Newcastle on Monday Night Football? A line management meeting? Watching any Michael Bay film? Saturday saw a strong contender for the crown as Kingstonian lost their first game on grass this season, slumping to a 1-0 defeat at home to Leiston.

Leiston’s extra man in midfield saw them dominate possession for long stretches of the game, as Tommy Kavanagh and Steve Laidler struggled to get a foothold. In fact the only threat for Tommy Williams’ side came from the wingplay of Alex Addai. Addai, along with Andre McCollin and Elvis Hammond worked hard on the scraps of the ball they got, but quality when it mattered was lacking all afternoon. The closest Ks came to scoring was via an Andre McCollin shot from a neat training ground routine as the visiting defense held stout throughout.

The defining moment came eight minutes from time. Rob Tolfrey saved well as Leiston broke, but the ball fell to Gareth Heath with the freedom of Kingsmeadow to slot home the winner with the only real chance of note all day.

Tommy Williams has enjoyed a relatively successful start to his tenure, but this game showed the areas where the team is lacking. With a big FA Cup game coming up next weekend, this week will be the toughest test Williams has faced so far.

Sometimes, one passage of play manages to sum up an entire afternoon. One Ks winger, whose identity shall remain nameless for his own protection managed, in the space of five seconds, to handle the ball, lose control of it, kick the ball out of play, dive in the vicinity of the goalkeeper and manage to start a fight with said keeper. It was as damning as it was hilarious, there was little else on show to match it.

Match report by Jamie Cutteridge.

Published Wednesday 12th September 2018