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Kingstonian 2
Pico Gomez (11' pen, 15')
2 Leatherhead
Hughes-Mason (4'), Rook (86')

K’s Denied By Late Tanners Equaliser

Amid the struggles and the fits and the starts and the defeats and the comings and the goings and the rumblings and the grumblings, something has been happening almost unnoticed but which cannot be denied: Pelayo Pico Gomez has emerged as K’s biggest attacking threat.

He’s an unusual one too. At first sight, you expect him to be an elusive No 10 or a between-the-lines winger or a luxury midfielder but the role he’s playing involves him leading the line, holding the ball, linking play and winning headers. When he’s off the pitch, K’s miss this work.

Pico Gomez scored his best goal of the season in this game, turning smartly in the box and beating the Leatherhead keeper from 10 or so yards. Four minutes earlier he’d confidently dispatched a penalty after a foul on Alan Inns to bring K’s level in the game.

But K’s normally solid defence contrived to be breached twice, Kiernan Hughes-Mason in the fourth minute and then Carl Rook with an equaliser four minutes from time. Leatherhead probably deserved a point for their second-half efforts but, in truth, this looked like two mid-table teams searching for form and finding it only in patches. But Pico Gomez may just offer some hope of respite this winter.

Match report by Taimour Lay.

Published Wednesday 12th September 2018