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Christmas opening

New Year’s Eve

Christmas opening times and New Year’s Eve information and tickets.

As Christmas is coming closer, an update on the opening times and information on New Year’s Eve.

The open times for the Christmas period will be as follows :-

Christmas Eve.  7-11pm

Christmas Day.   12-2pm

Boxing Day.   Matchday opening hours

27-30th December.  7-11pm

New Year’s Eve.  7-1pm. Tickets only (information below) 

New Year’s Day.  8-11pm

New Year’s Eve information

New Year’s Eve is again an all ticket event, a family friendly disco night, with live music from the fabulous Rusty Apper

Why not spend the evening with family and friends in the clubhouse dancing in the new year, with also some freshly made pizza made in the club kitchen from Nonna Luicias pizzeria, the best around!
Limited tickets are available at £4 a person, please enquire from the club. 

Published Wednesday 20th December 2023